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Compulsory Basic Training - or CBT for short - is a legal requirement for almost everyone. (Refer to the specific “exemption” outlined in our Training Overview and Legal Requirements section). You must be at least 16 years of age to complete a CBT and until you are 17 you may only ride a moped - which has a maximum of 49cc. When you are 17 or over a CBT entitles you to ride a motorbike with a maximum of 125cc. A CBT certificate lasts 2 years and currently, you can renew it as many times as you want. You must display “L” plates front and rear, you cannot carry pillion passengers and you cannot ride on motorways or “M” class roads.

Here at Pinewood we train on a 2:1 ratio for CBT so you will never have more than one other person with you and your instructor. We take a maximum of 4 trainees at the same time working with two instructors. The CBT is not a test and neither is it a “one day course”. There are five elements to the course and you will only be moved on to the next section when your instructor is happy with your progress. Sometimes the training is not completed on day one and we encourage you to come back within two weeks (at a reduced cost) to complete your training to a safe and satisfactory standard. At the time of booking, we ask if you want to learn to ride an automatic or geared bike and though the CBT doesn’t restrict you to riding that type of bike, we strongly encourage you to start learning on the type of bike you intend to ride.

At the moment there is no requirement to do any kind of theory test prior to CBT but we strongly recommend you have a familiarity with the Highway Code as the final element of your training is a road ride for a minimum of two hours. 

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